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BioBox is a data analytics platform for scientists working with next-generation sequencing data.
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Visualize & Summarize Key Biological Insights
Transform your data into visualizations and insights.
Start Building Robust Analyses
No-Code Visualizations
Customize lollipops, heatmaps, volcano & scatterplots with the click of a button. Circos plots coming soon.
Rapid Iteration & Feedback
Filter & manipulate data directly in the platform and instantly generate updated plots and insights.
Manage Big Data
Easily import large gene counts, differential expression and VCF datasets.
Connect Your Data to Insights
Identify gene enrichment, pathways, ontology and tissues/cell expression. Observe how these genes are expressed across all of your datasets.
Observe BioBoxes In Action
Learn how to plot and find insights within your data
Truly end-to-end
Process your raw genomic data in the cloud using standard workflows and pipelines.
Knowledge Engine
Enter your search query and receive papers, datasets and genes in return.