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About BioBox
Our vision is to empower scientists with the tools to own their research from start to finish.
- Our Values -
Science is precise and so are we. We aim to build a product that is clear-cut and encourages scientific accuracy.
Challenges are opportunities for us to be daring. We aim to reinvigorate the nature of research by discovering new and efficient ways of working with data.
We believe that consistency creates quality. Every day we work to ensure we are building the best company for our people, and the best product for our customers.
We are dependable. Trust lives at the core of our relationships with each other and with our customers.
- Meet The Team -
Christopher Li
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Julian Mazzitelli
Chief Information Officer & Co-Founder
Hamza Farooq
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Lauren Phillips
Chief Product Officer
Alireza Tajadod
Senior Software Engineer
Zoe Chung
Director of Marketing
How can we help?
Get in touch by emailing support@biobox.io.