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BioBox is a data analytics platform for scientists working with next-generation sequencing data.
About Us
88 College St., Toronto, Ontario, CA M5G 1L4
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Process Raw Data with Ease
Design, configure & run your pipelines in the cloud.
Streamline Your Workflows
Generate a sequence of workflows - no coding required.
Seamless Interactive UI
Easily customize your bioinformatic pipelines. Drag & drop your workflows to visualize each step in your pipeline.
Saveable & Reuseable
Stop building each pipeline from scratch. Save and reuse your customized pipelines for downstream analyses.
Standardized Workflows
Leverage standardized workflows to build your pipeline & generate reproducible outcomes.
Data processing just got 10X easier
Run your pipelines on demand - observe your pipeline process in real-time.
  • Build Your Pipeline
    Connect and configure workflows to create a fully built pipeline. (Ex. FastQC, BWA, STAR, Mutect2, TrimGalore & DESeq2)
  • Input your data files
    Drag & drop files from your library into your pipeline. Apply FastQ, BAM, VCF and BED files to supported workflows.
  • Let it run
    Click on the workflow nodes to view the progress of your pipeline and the resulting processed data files.
Sequencing Support
Total RNAseq
Poly(A) RNAseq
Whole Genome Seq
Whole Exome Seq
Mutation Calling
Truly end-to-end
Discover insights from your processed data directly on the platform.
Here's how:
Generate complex publication-ready plots & summarize key insights.
Knowledge Engine
Enter your search query and receive papers, datasets and genes in return.