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BioBox is a data analytics platform for scientists working with next-generation sequencing data.
About Us
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Toronto, Canada M5G 1L4
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Process Raw Data with Ease
Design, configure & run your pipelines in the cloud.
Streamline Your Workflows
Generate a sequence of workflows - no coding required.
Seamless Interactive UI
Easily customize your bioinformatic pipelines. Drag & drop your workflows to visualize each step in your pipeline.
Saveable & Reuseable
Stop building each pipeline from scratch. Save and reuse your customized pipelines for downstream analyses.
Standardized Workflows
Leverage standardized workflows to build your pipeline & generate reproducible outcomes.
Data processing just got 10X easier
Run your pipelines on demand - observe your pipeline process in real-time.
  • Build Your Pipeline
    Connect and configure workflows to create a fully built pipeline. (Ex. FastQC, BWA, STAR, Mutect2, TrimGalore & DESeq2)
  • Input your data files
    Drag & drop files from your library into your pipeline. Apply FastQ, BAM, VCF and BED files to supported workflows.
  • Let it run
    Click on the workflow nodes to view the progress of your pipeline and the resulting processed data files.
Truly end-to-end
Discover insights from your processed data directly on the platform.
Here's how:
Generate complex plots like heatmaps & lollipops and summarize key biological insights.
Knowledge Engine
Enter your search query and receive papers, datasets and genes in return.