Organize your data with freedom

Experience a data management system built for you, and by you.

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Meet a data management system designed for biology.

Customize, modify and adapt the way you describe your biological data as your collective understanding of it grows.

List of Gene Counts Matrix data filesGlioblastoma RNAseq samples used to generate data

Manage your data, even when you have lots of it.

Identifying your data is no longer a mystery. In the BioBox Platform, you can attribute data files to the experiments and records from which they originated, never losing track of its source.

Access your data from anywhere.

Leverage the cloud to give your entire lab access to their data - no matter where they are.

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Customizable dictionary to define your biological data

Experience a data architecture that evolves with you

A data architecture that expands to fit your growing understanding of your research.

What the BioBox Platform can do for you.

Navigate through tonnes of data in the library with ease. Track records, experiments and data in one comprehensive data management system.

Model your data the way you want

Establish uniform vocabulary to describe your research so that everyone in the lab can speak the same language.

Track changes to your data and experimental origins

Context matters. Keep track of where you data has been, what it was used for, and what insights were generated.

Control access to your data

Preserve key information and assign custom access to each individual member of your lab.

The Brain Tumor Biobank Team, St. Michael's Hospital

"The BioBox team has been remarkably supportive and responsive while guiding us through the process of transferring our expansive database to the BioBox platform. We can locate samples of interest quickly through the advanced search engine, which is invaluable in allowing team members and external researchers to navigate our catalogue and initiate collaborations."

Experience a platform designed for research innovation.

Streamline your NGS data analysis. Journey from raw data to interpretation—all in a single platform.