BioBox is an end-to-end informatics solution for scientists working with next-generation sequencing data.
About Us
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Fast-track your research with BioBox
Easily Run Workflows
Apply standard workflows to your data without extensive coding knowledge.
Generate Publication-Ready Plots
Visualize your data with a click of a button. Quickly create attractive plots ready for publication.
Process Data All in One Place
Run end-to-end processing without the use of multiple databases, platforms or software.
Explore 3 powerful engines combined into 1 platform - effortlessly organized in our project management suite.
Core Engine
The powerhouse behind raw data processing and statistical analyses. Process your own data and generate complex publication-ready figures.
Insight Engine
Capable of automatically combing through user data and summarizing key biological insights.
Knowledge Engine
A unified and searchable index. This engine allows users to ask any biological question they can conceptualize and receive concise answers comprised of papers, datasets and genes in return.