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Accelerate Genomic Research with our All-in-One Bioinformatics Software
Improving The Future of Next Generation Sequencing
BioBox Supports End-to-End Processing For
Whole Genome Sequencing
Whole Exome Sequencing
RNA Sequencing
3 Powerful Engines Combined into 1 Platform
Effortlessly organized through our project management suite
Bx Core Engine
The powerhouse behind raw data processing and statistical analyses. Process your own data and generate complex publication ready figures.
Bx Insight Engine
Capable of automatically combing through user data and summarizing key biological insights.
Bx Knowledge Engine
A unified and searchable index. This engine allows users to ask any biological question they can conceptualize and will receive concise answers comprised of papers, datasets and genes in return.
Let us show you how BioBox can accelerate your research.