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BioBox is a data analytics platform for scientists working with next-generation sequencing data.
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Gene Expression
Identify & explore your up- and down-regulated genes in a fraction of the time
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Gene Expression in the BioBox Platform
The BioBox Platform equips scientists with the tools to work with their data seamlessly from start to finish. The user-friendly interface accelerates time to scientific discovery by enabling scientists to conduct rapid analysis in a collaborative suite.
• Build and configure complex pipelines to align, annotate and process your raw data
• Leverage a built-in, interactive GUI to connect workflows (like STAR and DESeq2) without the use of command line
• Run your bulk RNAseq pipelines in the cloud
• Generate processed data files (Differential Expression & geneCounts Matrix files) that are automatically saved to your BioBox Library to be used with other powerful features within the platform
Mus musculus
• Create an analysis using your Differential Expression or geneCounts datasets - either process your FASTQ data in the platform, or use the processed files sent to you by your Bioinformatician
• Auto-generate customizable and dynamic volcano plots, scatter plots and heatmaps
• Manipulate and filter your data to instantly see these changes reflected in your visualizations and insights
• Leverage consolidated insights for popular public databases (like KEGG, EnrichR and Gene Ontology) and connect these insights to observations within your data
Mus musculus
• Search for your gene of interest in the Knowledge Engine and gain access to a plethora of information at the click of a button
• Discover relationships between your gene of interest and your own datasets
• Connect data from multiple public consortiums to your searched gene to explore deeper insights
• Explore gene sets, observations, annotations, gene network maps and disease
Mus musculus
Comprehensive Features
• Unlimited samples analysis
• Accepts raw data files: BAM and FASTQ
• Accepts processed data files: Differential Expression and Gene Counts
• Supports FASTQC, STAR and DESeq2 workflows
• Customizable workflow settings
• Pipeline Design Studio
• Plotting capabilities - bar plots, scatter plots, heatmaps and lollipops
• Interactive data tables, plots and insights
• Customizable & downloadable plots
• Gene-set enrichment analysis (GSEA)
• Consolidated insights from KEGG, Reactome, Gene Ontology, Enrichr, OMIM, ClinVar 2019, InterPro, GeneSigDB, CORUM
• Knowledge Engine
• Preloaded genomic reference data
Mutational Analysis
Identify SNVs and use lollipop plots to visualize your data.
Knowledge Engine
Search for your gene of interest and return a plethora of information.
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