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BioBox is a data analytics platform for scientists working with next-generation sequencing data.
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Knowledge Engine
Discover relationships between your gene search queries and data
About The Knowledge Engine
As a scientist, you don't just want to find insights within you data - you want to tell a story with it.
The Knowledge Engine is a powerful, unified gene search engine.
Discover and explore relationships between search queries and your own datasets by leveraging relevant papers, gene sets, gene network maps and annotations.
Integrated Data
Connect data from multiple public consortiums to your gene of interest.
Relevant Insights
Observe how your gene of interest behaves within your own datasets.
Multi-organism Support
Differentiate between Human and Mouse genes using case-sensitive search.
Gene Summary
Receive a high-level overview of your searched gene.
Includes the gene description, gene ID, transcript isoforms and protein.
Gene Sets
Explore consolidated public consortiums that tie back to your gene of interest.
Interact with different Categories and Epigenetics to identify related biological processes.
Retrieve papers relevant to your searched gene.
Filter by publication type and publication date.
Explore papers that have a gene reference into function.
Gene Network
Explore how your gene of interest interacts with other genes.
Dynamically change the confidence threshold to observe gene relationships.
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