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BioBox is a data analytics platform for scientists working with next-generation sequencing data.
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Do I have to know Bioinformatics to use the platform?
We recommend having a fundamental understanding of Bioinformatics and its applications. However you can leverage all of the tools to process, analyze and explore your genomic data without coding expertise in the BioBox Platform. Access your data, create pipelines and generate visualizations without command line.
I prefer to process my own data. Is processed data compatible with the BioBox Platform?
Yes. We accept Differential Expression, Gene Counts and VCF files to be used with the visualization and insights tools in the platform.
I have never created a pipeline before. What support is available?
We provide you with definitions and use cases for each workflow or you can leverage the pre-built pipelines available to you in the platform. If you have a staff bioinformatician, you can invite them to your organization and they can build the pipeline for you.
Can I download my plots?
Absolutely - All plots can be formatted for sizing and downloaded directly to your desktop as a .PNG or .JPEG.
What if I require more data storage?
If you exceed the data storage provided to you by your plan, extra storage can be purchased for $26 USD per 1TB. Please contact our team for assistance.
Is the platform secure and private?
Yes - All hardware associated with storing, processing and transmitting the data is fully HIPAA-compliant. All sensitive information is keyed and stored behind opaque IDs, limiting the ability for external viewers to identify the data imported into our system.
Are the tools for analysis built into the platform or do we need to download and install them locally?
The BioBox Platform is a web-based cloud platform. All of the tools for analysis and plotting are already built in. No downloading or installing is required. Simply go to to access your account.
What do you mean by ‘collaborative’ platform?
You can invite collaborators to any projects you create in the BioBox Platform and leverage the Project Management Suite to keep track of tasks and to-dos. This way, everyone can keep stay up to date on a project’s progress and move the needle together.
What is an ‘organization’?
An organization is the space assigned to your account. You can create projects, run analyses and invite collaborators to your organization. Organizations are private, which means no one can see the data you upload to your account unless you invite them to your organization.
What kind of administrative levels are there in the platform?
You can create private projects that are only available to you, give access to collaborators to work on existing projects, or provide view-only access to individuals who want to keep track of the analyses, but are not doing the analyses themselves. Administrative levels are completely customizable on a per-individual basis.
What is the ‘library’?
The library is where you will upload and store all of your models, samples and data files. The BioBox Platform is not your typical ‘input and output’ system where you upload one data file and generate a result. Any data you upload to the platform will be used to compare and contrast findings across all of your datasets and help you generate deeper insights that will facilitate your scientific discovery.
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