Unlock new drug targets with the power of search.

Establish a narrative for your drug targets with searchable data.

Ask questions of your data

Gene Observations
Identify comparable gene observations across all of your datasets.
Multi-omic Profiling
Find insights across Bulk RNAseq, Single-Cell RNAseq, Whole Genome Sequencing, Whole Exome Sequencing, ATACseq and ChIPseq datasets.
Knowledge Bases
Access 20+ databases to browse biological information across pathways, epigenetics, ontology, tissues/cells, diseases and domains.
Public Data

Search for observations across thousands of public datasets and compare them to insights from your own data.

Spend more time on high-impact work

Bioinformaticians and Data Scientists spend 60% of their time wrangling data. With BioBox, you can spend more time learning from it.
No more wrangling data
BioBox enables you to spend more time extracting valuable insights from data.
Save time
Spend more time engineering novel pipelines and automation that create greater impact for your organization.
Improve collaboration
Present your data in a digestible way to collaborators without the back-and-forth revisions.

Extract knowledge from data.

Build a dashboard of your large-scale cohort analyses, to be shared and explored by collaborators.
Filter and choose from >80,000 analysis-ready public datasets from GEO and ENCODE. Compare and contrast public and private datasets to generate valuable insights for your study.
Create multi-omic dashboards of your insights and observations with support for Transcriptomics and Genomics for human and mouse model organisms. Explore downstream analyses with integrations into knowledge bases like KEGG, Reactome, Gene Ontology ClinVar & more.

Create multi-omic cohort analyses.

Design and explore customizable widgets to interpret, explore and share your observations.