Unlock new drug targets with the power of search.

Identify and validate your drug targets 5X faster.

A personalized
Knowledge Graph Search Engine

Thousands of public and private datasets ready for interrogation with a natural language search. Uncover answers required to move assets through the pipeline in minutes instead of days.
Scalable Knowledge Graph
Built on a customizable knowledge graph that grows with your data.
Metadata harmonized with Ontological properties
Ontological databases are used to annotate public and private data for easy information retrieval.
Database Integrations
Access 20+ databases to browse biological information across pathways, epigenetics, ontology, tissues/cells, diseases and domains.
Public Datasets
Retrieve answers from thousands of processed and standardized public datasets.

Multi-Omic Support
Find insights across Bulk RNAseq, Single-Cell RNAseq. Whole Genome Sequencing, ATAcseq and ChIPseq datasets.

Confidence Metrics

Full transparency in regards to how results were generated and the evidence associated with each assertion

Power serendipitous discoveries

Knowledge graph connections uncover hidden relationships between genes, pathways, variants, diseases and more.

Get a 360 view of your data.

Interrogate multi-omic data and provide each target with a narrative

Design customizable dashboards to test and validate hypothesis surrounding drug targets. Share findings and work in real time with collaborators.

Extract knowledge from data.

Computational teams can effortlessly stream in data generated for the team. Translational scientists can extract meaningful insights, explore public data and drive projects forward in a fraction of the time.
Filter and choose from >80,000 analysis-ready public datasets from GEO and ENCODE. Compare and contrast public and private datasets to generate valuable insights for your study.
Create multi-omic dashboards of your insights and observations with support for Transcriptomics and Genomics for human and mouse model organisms. Explore downstream analyses with integrations into knowledge bases like KEGG, Reactome, Gene Ontology ClinVar & more.

Spend more time on high-impact work

Bioinformaticians and Data Scientists spend 60% of their time wrangling data. With BioBox, you can spend more time learning from it.
Eliminate Data Wrangling
BioBox enables you to spend more time extracting valuable insights from data.
Save time
Spend more time engineering novel pipelines and automation that create greater impact for your organization.
Improve collaboration
Present your data in a digestible way to collaborators without the back-and-forth revisions.

For scientists who love code

"target" {
"displayname":  "HLA-B"
"biotype"   :  "protein_coding"
Liver Disease Observations
 "log2fold change" : "3.4"
"chr": "6"
"pos": "31271640"
"ref": "C"
"alt": "T"
"effect": "missense+varian"

API and SDK integrations

For scientists who love GUIs

Interactive and collaborative dashboards