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BioBox is a data analytics platform for scientists working with next-generation sequencing data.
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Experience Faster NGS Data Analysis on Demand
Process, analyze & explore your data all in one platform.
Analyze Your Own Data
The BioBox Platform is a self-serve data analytics solution that integrates your next-generation sequencing data with powerful analytics tools. Accelerate your time to scientific discovery by working with your data on demand and without advanced bioinformatic expertise.
Meet us in the Cloud
Leverage a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform. Faster data analysis, anywhere, anytime.
Reduce Technical Barriers
Analyze your data from start to finish. No coding expertise required.
Generate Personalized Results
Connect your data directly to public databases to extract relevant insights.
"The interface was very intuitive and these types of tools are so hard to find online for free. The data processing was phenomenally fast."
-BioBox User
Easy to use & interactive
Create and run bioinformatic pipelines in an interactive GUI, auto-generate stunning visualizations and discover meaningful insights from consolidated public databases.
Manage your data every step of the way
Develop a data library, invite collaborators to run analyses in the platform and take advantage of the project management suite to monitor progress.
Leverage rapid data analysis
Manipulate & filter your data within the platform to transform your visualizations and insights in real-time.
Share & collaborate without barriers
Access your data without command line, invite collaborators to your projects and stay on top of tasks using our project management suite.
Experience a fully-managed data library
Customize, modify and adapt the way you describe your data as your collective understanding of it grows. Maintain a common language for everyone in your lab.
We keep track of everything so you don't have to
Track every analysis in the BioBox Platform. When you're writing your paper months from now, you'll have all of the data, methods and analyses at your fingertips.
Explore our service offerings
Gene Expression
Identify and explore your up- and down-regulated genes.
Mutational Analysis
Identify SNVs and use lollipop plots to visualize your data.
Knowledge Engine
Search for your gene of interest and return a plethora of information.
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