Accelerated Drug Discovery.
Find better targets, faster.

Find observations and uncover hidden connections within your data using a knowledge engine trained on 87k sequencing datasets, with natural language.
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Curate a custom
knowledge graph.

Make serendipitous discoveries and unlock new drug targets by exploring knowledge graph relationships.

Customize your knowledge graph to track important biological metadata. Leverage controlled properties from ontological databases such as MONDO, UBERON and Cell Ontology.

Uncover hidden relationships between genes, pathways, diseases and more.

Breaking down
data barriers.

Unify all your data sources - from genomics to transcriptomics and beyond - into a single comprehensive knowledge graph.

Instantly access over 100k public sequencing datasets from GEO, TCGA, and more.

High impact
decision making,
with confidence.

Remove uncertainty from target identification to validation. Our knowledge graph/LLM hybrid empowers you to identify the most promising candidates, substantiate their relevance through connections in the knowledge graph, and proceed with confidence.

Converse with
your data.

Experience data exploration like never before.

A new way to interact with your knowledge graph effortlessly.

Ask questions, receive instant answers, and navigate the graph's intricate connections using everyday language – revolutionizing the way you validate targets.

Build consensus,
share a narrative.

Bring your teams onto the same page effortlessly.

Capture research data into a unified accessible resource and communicate the scientific narrative through a collection of comprehensive multi-omic data dashboards.

Accelerate hypothesis testing

BioBox is a web-based platform that enables you to search for insights across thousands of datasets in a fraction of the time and accelerate your discovery program.
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Search, Analyze & Integrate
Multi-omic Studies.

Develop multi-omic profiles of your cohorts to find meaningful insights and tell a story with your data.
Find answers to complex biological questions from public and private data.
Explore relevant datasets
Access thousands of analysis ready ontology annotated datasets
Provide each hypothesis with a narrative
Collaborate and customize multi-omic dashboards to tell a story with your data
Leverage a biological search engine to find observations within your own data.
Sequencing Projects
4.6 Billion
Sequencing Experiments

“We can locate samples of interest quickly through the advanced search engine, which is invaluable in allowing team members and external researchers to navigate our catalogue and initiate collaborations.”

The Brain Tumor Biobank Team
St. Michael's Hospital

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