BioBox Platform

Knowledge infrastructure to fuel discovery.

Built for drug hunters who need to integrate multi-modal data, engineer knowledge, and test hypotheses at scale to characterize better targets.

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Spending hours integrating biological data?

Data is not the same as knowledge.

Empower your data teams with the tools to integrate multi-modal biological data. Spend less time cleaning data, and more time for scientific interpretation.

Streamlined Data Integration.

Automatic metadata harmonization across 50+ biomedical ontologies.
Standardized data adapters in our python SDK to craft custom data ETL pipelines.
Professional services & white glove service to help you get started quickly.

Cut Bad Targets 10x Faster.

Eliminate bias by integrating all signals across multiple modalities.
Systematically build a comprehensive scoring model to rank associations based on real-world data.
Deeply profile the strength of the evidence to make tough decisions with confidence.
data & Integrations

Works with your setup. Batteries (data) included.

Pick & choose from over 100+ data sources in pre-assembled data packages. Plugin with your cloud infrastructure and existing stack with ease.

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“Locate samples of interest quickly through the advanced search engine”

...transferring our expansive database to the BioBox platform. We can locate samples of interest quickly through the advanced search engine, which is invaluable in allowing team members and external researchers to navigate our catalogue and initiate collaborations.

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Sorcha Kellet
Program Director, Brain Tumor Biobank
St. Michael's Hospital
Unity Health Toronto

"Connected data points from 100+ datasets together in a day"

Our data team connected data points from 100+ datasets together in a day. The SDK and data adapters makes it easy to incorporate into our internal processing pipelines.

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Director, Data Science
Mid cap Pharma

“Capable of complex long-range multi-hop lookups that weren't possible before”

BioBox is capable of complex long-range multi-hop lookups that weren't possible before in our Postgres tables. The flexibility of the schema allows us to iterate on data models quickly to find a schema that works for our custom graph.

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Senior Director, Data Science
Top 100 Pharma

“Unrivaled exploration canvas for discovery”

Integrating across all our experimental data modalities and ontologies created an unrivaled exploration canvas for discovery. Being able to work with the knowledge graph interactively enabled our research units to uncover insights that helped us eliminate targets from our pipeline.

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VP, Discovery
Series A Company

Build a graph, run algorithms, get scores.

Experience a fully integrated data intelligence platform designed for exploring biology.

Data Graph Explorer

Put the power of your data moat in the hands of your scientists by allowing them to explore it interactively. The BioBox Graph Explorer is a ontology-aware way to navigate the rich connectivity and context of your data graph.

Automatic Reporting

Put your graph models to work and generate comprehensive data reports. For example, prioritize a list of drug targets for an indication in seconds. One-click data snapshot and sharing to foster collaboration and improve data driven decision making.

More features

All the tools you need

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Data Dashboards

Share a compelling narrative with your team. Leverage collaborative, interactive and customizable multi-omic dashboards to explore large cohorts of data.

Make better data-driven decisions

Ready to build your graph?


Use cases

Learn more about how modern biotechs are deploying BioBox to hit R&D milestones and make mission-critical decisions with confidence.

Target Identification

Identify and prioritize disease specific targets. Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the biological underpinnings of a disease. Compare and contrast targets identified in the public domain and in your proprietary data.

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Evaluate Feasibility
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Establish Causality
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Public Data Access
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Evidence Ranking

Target Prioritization

Find compelling evidence across public and private data to support the efficacy of a target. Identify target and disease relationships across multi-omic observations. Share findings and collaborate with team members.

Custom Scoring
Hypothesis Testing
Causality Modelling
Multi-omic data integration

Drug Repurposing

Find additional indications for your therapeutic asset to expand its value. Use the BioBox Knowledge Engine to create in-silico models and uncover hidden connections between drug and diseases.

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Market Expansion
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Causal Inference
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Predict Outcomes
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Find Indications