Integrated Multi-Omics Analysis
Leverage bioinformatic pipelines, visualizations and public databases in a no-code collaborative platform.
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Analyzing your data shouldn't
be this hard.

Data lives separate from the tools required to analyze it. And the tools themselves are fragmented and require advanced technical skills to use them. These challenges make resources inaccessible to the scientists who want to analyze, explore and interpret their data, slowing down scientific discoveries in the process.

Our Solution

Accelerate your time to insight

The BioBox Platform enables scientists to integrate their NGS data with powerful analytics tools, work with their data on demand, and tell a story with their data.

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RNA sequencing heatmap in the BioBox Platform
Our solution

Work without barriers

Interface with your data without advanced bioinformatic expertise. Our no-code platform enables you to leverage all of the tools for a start-to-finish analysis without command line.

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STAR aligner and DESeq2 workflows in the BioBox Platform

An all-in-one platform for multi-omics analysis

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Intuitive & Interactive

Interface with your data every step of the way. Create bioinformatic pipelines, generate visualizations and leverage public databases to explore your data.

Better Collaboration

Invite collaborators to the platform and work on an analysis in parallel. Collaborate together at any stage of the analysis and make changes in real-time.

Faster Insights

No more makeshift tool integration. Seamlessly move from one part of an analysis to another without manually stitching tools together.

Conduct your research without barriers.
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