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Our Mission

Fragmented tools, manual processes and the decentralization of data causes analysis bottlenecks. With the current processes in place, it can take months for scientists to generate new hypotheses and uncover key scientific discoveries. BioBox integrates the steps to analyze, interrogate and explore next-generation sequencing data, so that scientists can fast track their way to discovery in a fraction of the time without all of the hurdles in between.

Our mission is to build an intelligent platform for scientists to access and leverage all of the world's biological information to accelerate scientific discovery.

Meet our people

Christopher Li Co-Founder & CEO of BioBox Analytics
Christopher Li
Co-Founder & CEO
Hamza Farooq Co-Founder & CTO of BioBox Analytics
Hamza Farooq
Co-Founder & CTO
Julian Mazzitelli Co-Founder and CIO of BioBox Analytics
Julian Mazzitelli
Co-Founder & CIO
Lauren Phillips CPO of BioBox Analytics
Lauren Phillips
Zoe Chung Director of Marketing of BioBox Analytics
Zoë Chung
Director of Marketing

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