Fact-check your targets and pick the winners

Hard decisions require hard evidence. Separate the signal from the noise and mine large scale datasets with ease to find the hidden insights that can unlock new discoveries.

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target identification

Find Druggable Targets

Evaluate Feasibility

Expression & Detection

Check abundance in disease and healthy tissues across public sequencing datasets and consortiums including TCGA, SRA, GEO, ENCODE, GTEx, and more.

Quantify Disease Specificity

Compare and contrast target presence across different disease states, cohorts, and pre-clinical models and isolate disease specific targets.

Establish Causality

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Uncover Connections

Contextualize the results using a pre-built drug discovery knowledge graph to make sense of the data.

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Explainable Biology

A complete analysis and data interpretation environment that incorporates sequencing results and curated annotations to model complex biological systems.

target prioritization

Pick winners,
not scientific moonshots

Commercial Viability

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Predict the Market

Tap into clinical trial data and disease indication statistics to predict how much of an impact your asset can have

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Understand the Competition

Benchmark and evaluate competing therapeutics actively in trial or market.

Harness your competitive advantage

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Identify Phenomenon Unique To Your Data

Overlay your internal proprietary data against an index of published sequencing and screening data to isolate findings you have that no one has ever seen before.

Drug repurposing

Get more value out of your drug

Expand Market Value

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Find additional indications

Discover alternate indications for existing portfolio therapies through modeling its biological rationale in the BioBox Knowledge Graph

Why us?

We eliminate the pain points typically associated with knowledge graphs

Effortlessly integrate private multi-modal data. Prioritize data points according to scientific criteria that you care about. Leverage powerful ML models to eliminate implicit bias.

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Data Dashboards

Share a compelling narrative with your team. Leverage collaborative, interactive and customizable multi-omic dashboards to explore large cohorts of data.

Experience a new way to converse with data

Get answers based on evidence, not hallucinations.