We’re on a mission.

Our mission is to help scientists organize all biological knowledge into a singular, unified resource that is searchable, accessible and capable of answering the most difficult questions in science.
The Challenge
We are living in the post-genomic era of science, where advances in sequencing technologies have enabled us to generate and process more data that ever before.

The thought is that that through new sequencing technologies, new experimental techniques, faster processing and better processing, we will generate more data to discover the fundamental truths of life, cures for diseases and foundational knowledge that unlocks the future of biotechnology.

But having more data does not equate to having more knowledge.

It is through context that data becomes insight, and through insights we find discoveries. When our data sources are fragmented, siloed, and disorganized, we lose the meaning behind the data and research progress grinds to a halt.

As we enter into this new era of big biodata, we are challenged to create systems that empower scientists to explore, extract insights, and build context from vast oceans of data.

Our Solution
The BioBox Platform is the data infrastructure of tomorrow - where all biological knowledge is organized, rich with context, and ready to be leveraged by scientists searching for their next big discovery.

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Meet the leadership team

Christopher Li
Christopher Li
CEO / Co-founder
Hamza Farooq
Hamza Farooq
CTO / Co-founder
Julian Mazzitelli
Julian Mazzitelli
CIO / Co-founder
Lauren Phillips
Lauren Phillips
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