Hamza Farooq

Hamza Farooq has spent his entire career exploring different avenues of the medical field. During his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering, Hamza focused on photonics and optics, measuring the accuracy of surgical navigation technology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences. From there he ventured into the world of cancer research during his Master’s, publishing several papers in world leading papers such as Nature and Cell. His training was spread across a broad range of ‘omic’ technologies, instilling a deep understanding of how these technologies can be integrated to study a single phenomenon. Still possessed with a love for engineering, Hamza co-founded BioBox Analytics Inc. to help bridge the gap in data generation and insight creation.

Aside from his love of engineering and biology, Hamza is an avid teacher and has led numerous workshops to deliver bioinformatics knowledge to the masses, most notably as an instructor at the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshop. He has also privately tutored over 100 students, most of whom have gone on to succeed in careers in medicine, engineering and accounting.