Julian Mazzitelli

Julian Mazzitelli graduated from the University of Toronto from the bioinformatics specialist program. During his undergrad he participated in multiple computational biology projects including acting as the dry lab team lead for the iGEM team, participating in Google Summer of Code as a student and as a mentor for the Open Bioinformatics Foundation, and collaborating with industry for a project course where he created a web accessible real-scale interactive graphics model of a mitochondrion.

Julian continued to explore his interests at the intersection of computer science and biology when he accepted a co-op position at the Centre for Computational Medicine within The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute. This position would extend part time until the completion of his undergrad and is where he completed a research project course working with the CanDIG team. Taking part in CanDIG exposed Julian to large scale distributed APIs and infrastructure and various GA4GH standards and APIs.

Outside of biology, Julian has a strong passion for excellence in information technology. To this end he has embedded himself in the GitOps community and presented talks at GDG Cloud Montreal, CNCF meetups in Toronto, and online CNCF meetups.